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How to set Door Access Panel DA3000

To reset to Factory Programming Password (Default Passowrd: 123456 )

Step1、Turn off power and connect bin 2&3 of RST(S1)。
Step2、Turn on power and buzzer gives 3 long buzz with green light flash fast。
If need to set Manager Card, now read two empty cards first one as Manager Add Card and
Second one as Manager Delete Card with red light flashing and continuous short buzz .
Step3、Turn off power, disconnect bin2&3 and connect bin 1&2 of RST。
Step4、Turn on power again.

How to set PIN For door access

Add Private Access Password(PIN)
Step: # Programming Passwo r d # 22 PIN #
Can enroll more than 1 PIN, Unlock door method : PIN #

Add card by input card No.

# Programming Passwo r d# 23 input card Number. #
Card No. is 10 -digit or 8-digit, machine auto -identify

Delete user by input card No.

# Programming Passwo r d# 43 input card Number #

Delete user by input PIN

# Programming Passwo r d# 44 input PIN #


For Full Manual Cilck > DA3000 User Manual For Download