UMEI Computerized Guard Tour System GT2100

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Product Description

UMEI Computerized Guard Tour System (Taiwan Branded)


The Guard Tour Features:

  • c/w: ID Tag x 2 Pcs & Station¬†Point x 10 Pcs
  • Station Point Is Protected By Stainless Steel Casing
  • GT-2100 Recorder Is Made Of Stainless Steel
  • It Is Tamper And Water Resistance
  • Rubber Grip On The Body
  • Data In The GT-2100 Recorder Is Transferred Via A Downloader Into The Computer Through USB Port
  • Expandable : Additional GT-2100 Recorder, Guard ID Key And Station Point Can Be Added As Needed
  • GT-2100 Recorder Is Powered By a 3V Lithium Battery (Low Maintenance)
  • Works By A Simple Touch.. Security Guard Simply Touches The GT-2100 Recorder To A Station Point Recorder The Date And Time Of His Patrol
  • System Includes : GT-2100 Recorder, Carrying Case, Downloader, Software In CD

Specifications :

  • Dimension : 130 (L) x 25 (Diameter)mm
  • Net Weight : 220g
  • Memory : 2000 Records
  • Power : 3v Lithium Battery

Downloader Specification :

  • Dimension : 160 x 120 x 40mm
  • Net Weight : 500g
  • Communication Interface : USB